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At the beginning of the founding of the country, which marshal was willing to live for a long time, only a dozen square meters of house?

After the founding of new China, Peng Dehuai served as the chairman of the Central People’s government, people’s Revolutionary Military Commission Vice Chairman of the northwest military and political committee head into the construction of the northwest, he almost every day in the following inspections, awfully busy. On this day, when he returned to Xi’an, he met two cadres and fought hard for a house. Peng Dehuai was livid, the two leaders called to the front, severely scolded: “which is your part? Put so much work to do, know all day with my wife and family looking for a house, who do you think you are? Is the official reception!” two cadres were training to red, gray left.
Peng Dehuai yunu not away, back to the office, and he said to the vice chairman of the northwest Military Committee Xi Zhongxun: “chunghsun, to tell the truth, the desire for enjoyment of the cadres, I shot they have a heart! You say, what they have amazing! Without the leadership of the Communist Party, without the support of the people, the head of sorghum flower farmers, is not in the yard playing cow ass, now, the city became the master here!” Xi Zhongxun said with deep feeling: “yes, Chairman Mao stressed in the second Plenary Session of the 7th CPC Central Committee, the Communist Party cannot when Li Zicheng. I suggest that we should seize it, to convene a meeting of the cadres, the cadres to knock the alarm, in case they are bourgeois sugar shells down.” Peng Dehuai nodded: “I have an idea, to reduce the burden on the people, the Northwest Bureau of government organs within five years shall not be allowed to build.”

Dongjak Taiwan mystery: the history of Cao Cao Why build Dongjak Taiwan?

“Dongfeng and Zhou Lang, energy-saving” Du Mu, this is just a hypothesis, Dongfeng end and Zhou Lang, so the period of the Three Kingdoms beauty Joe joe. And Cao Cao was not locked in Dongjak taichung. In fact, Joe and Cao Cao had never seen, nor what the actual link is unwarranted relationship, however, they still have a vivid story.
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“There are two Joe Hebei Jiangdong, Zhen Fuqiao”, the most famous beauty of the Three Kingdoms period of three, Joe, and Luo zhen. Joe how beautiful, historical records very stingy. The “Three Kingdoms” say “all colors”, “Jiang said” table “appearance from” (shining). In short, the beauty and the national beauty and heavenly fragrance, can only rely on the imagination of the human face. The three kingdoms were a thoroughly male period, and women who had been in a disadvantageous position became more marginalized in such an era. Therefore, the history of women in the Three Kingdoms period is very poor. If not to see the story after adding the trimmings, even less.

The history of the emperor life spoiled by his 17 year old wife

The Qing Huangtaiji love harjol, harjol died due to depression and eventually, while his son is also a kind of Shunzhi, because lady donggo died and became reluctant to when the emperor, people say the Qing Dynasty’s most passionate is the father and the son, but in the Ming Dynasty has three more than they love, because the three people and Shunzhi Huangtaiji pet are beautiful, and the Ming Dynasty three emperor, a Zhu Qizhen (grandfather) on the blind and lame queen never abandon, Zhu Youtang (a grandson) only marry a queen not satisfied princess, but the real truth due to the number of Zhu Jian, a lifelong pet his seventeen year old wife.
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In fact, the three great grandfather’s fate was very bumpy, but also because they have experienced ups and downs of their love, Zhu Qizhen because “civil fort” change were captured, lost the throne, is revered as the overlord, actually detained South Gate, but his queen after he was captured only a net worth of redemption is willing to come up with all his people, but also because miss him blind eyes, legs are also suffering from severe rheumatism action inconvenience, later again when Emperor Zhu Qizhen, her queen is too old, but still Qizhen Zhu to never abandon her care.
Zhu Qizhen son Zhu Jianshen because dad lost the throne. Soon the throne uncle Zhu Qiyu took the prince, Prince Zhu Qiyu in his abolition period, Wang queen opposed, insist to keep Zhu Jianshen prince, the Wang queen was also abolished, but Zhu Jian did not forget queen Wang Enqing, later after the death of Zhu Qiyu, after the restoration of Zhu had ordered Zhu Qiyu to Qizhen concubines buried, Zhu Jian Wang urged insurance queen, and proposed the abolition of Qizhen Zhu sacrificial system, Zhu Qizhen before he ordered the abolition of thesacrificial system, Zhu Jian was immediately after doing this thing.

Why was Song Jiang dying to kill his loyal Li Kui?

Look at the beginning of the “Water Margin”, is not very understanding: martial arts is not Lu Zhishen Wu Song, David Lui Guo Sheng looks less than Huarong, smooth than Chai Jin Dai Zong, on the single is met sooner or later, Li Kui also ranked in the fifty away, but Song Jiang and Li Kui both, is the bastard Chou mung bean on chest – in addition, both black is ugly, it is common to find what happened with Song Jiang, but when Li Kui first confidant, Li Kui also regarded Song Jiang as the only son, he saw Song Jiang forgot the former leader Dai Zong, later also don’t bird Liangshan real boss Chao gai.
Since Song Jiang met Li Kui, the two men were almost inseparable, even Li Kui Song Jiang had to be against the amnesty head without complaint: “my dream did not dare to scold him!” but when Li Kui heard that Song Jiang has his daughter, immediately picked up the axe with Song Jiang desperately, also cut to the Liangshan arch – good yellow banner, it is obvious that even the robber is not done, and do the most happy thing is the robber Li Kui.
Judging from Li Kui’s hysterical month and the change of his face, the big black man was simply dead. Let’s talk about Li Kui closer to home, what are the five characteristics make “a soft spot, even death is to die together with him.
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First, Li Kui greedy greedy good buy
Li Kui met Song Jiang for the first time, but actually went to the restaurant. Song Jiang was holding in Liangshan Wu Dai Zong and evidence of collusion, Dai Zong had money to avoid disaster. This kind of thing will not bring their own attendant son Li Kui, when Li Kui was just a little jail, is a series of the guards in, nature also not qualified to the warden level would be sitting around the dinner table.
But Li Kui in order to have a way to dinner: Song Jiang and Dai Zong eat downstairs to fight, as long as would be down scolded him, he can pretend to admit “punished three cups”. To eat a good meal, Li Kui also happily called “Ye (not the tube would be called Song Jiang),” Dai Zong had to call “brother, you come to me to sit and eat wine.” In fact, Li already know that Song Jiang is a gold master, can squeeze out some water, but think the excuse is ridiculous: a large silver ingot twelve for a little money, now want to borrow twelve small silver to put money back — why not back? One or two silver can the top 22 small silver?
Even a broken watch would be lies, no more cunning Song Jiang couldn’t wear? But Song Jiang took twelve pieces of silver (and silver) to Li Kui, rather than borrowing, rather than test. After Li Kui’s performance, including hand fish bones to eat, to eat no meat and hit, borrowed money would not return, let Song Jiang see: This is a good buy greedy greedy role, but he was poor and hungry, has not been estimated would be bought, they just is a close relationship between superior and subordinate, if not reverted by such person, that Song Jiang does not call timely rain — is used to do.

The history of crossing the emperor, he invented things that led the West for millennia

Mention the history of Han Dynasty, it is more complicated. On the one hand, this is a great feudal dynasty, a lot of the time, such as large as Han Dynasty and han. On the other hand, this is a sad Dynasty, long time and the control by the eunuch, from the beginning to perish, never lack of political chaos. Although the eunuch power is big, it can be incomplete in the end, and can not become emperor. The family is not the same, the power of big, very easy to seek new in the history of the Han Dynasty imperial power, the more famous is built by Wang Mang, this dynasty although only a few decades, and many do not understand the history of the buddy have not heard of this person, but Wang Mang but made a lot of contributions, to let history remember he deeply, even according to some of the things Wang Mang did, there are a lot of experts to judge whether he is to cross, discuss the reasons below.
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A, Wang Mang was born in the aristocratic family, but did not develop arrogant problems. When other children covet pleasure in the clan, he study hard, he wrote some books are very famous. After he became emperor, he did something totally out of line with his clan children, that is, to reform the land. Most of the land was in the hands of the aristocracy, who only knew enjoyment every day, seriously restricting the economic development, and the lives of the people could be described as suffering. Wang Mang, despite all opposition, to prohibit the sale of land, the system of recovery by Wang Tian in the name of the fertile land to the most productive people, and that the current policy is very similar.

Zhang Fei’s war marriage made several big rich relatives

Cao Cao on behalf of Xian di Liu Bei was appointed general of the left, the equivalent of military commander, appointed Guan Yu and Zhang Fei as Zhonglang Jiang, equivalent to the commander or brigade, on the surface of their polite, “is the same and sit at the same table”, but is actually put them under house arrest.
The surface of gentle quiet Liu Bei in fact has always been not fuel-efficient lights, in the county he secretly attended the Dong Cheng coup, this matter and action, Liu Bei had the chance to leave a county, goes to Xuzhou for Cao Cao to stop surface north of the puppet emperor yuan shu.
When Dong Cheng et al plot revealed, that Liu Bei did not retreat. At the end of this year, Liu Bei suddenly started in Xuzhou xiapi, killed Cao Cao appointed by the governor of Xuzhou announced that the car helmet broke with Cao Cao et al.
At that time, Cao Yuan battle soon, Guandu has formed the battlefield, Liu Bei saw the situation, think Cao Cao was ignoring him, so he did three things in Xuzhou: one is left to the identity of the general agent of Guan Yu played table xiapi, let him keep xiapi; two is sent Sun Chien to Yuan Shao. Contact, to show their support of Yuan Shao; the three is to contact the Xuzhou faction has surrendered to Cao Cao the “Taishan Gang” and the Qing Xu area of anti Cao power alliance.
Finally, Liu Bei failed, Cao Cao adventure expedition, Liu Bei failed.

The price of Qin Shihuang’s unification of China: decapitation of the 22 battle 1 million 810 thousand

Under the guidance of legalist thought, the Qin state reforms the internal affairs and strives for hegemony in China from two aspects of agriculture and war. After several generations of monarchs’ efforts, China has finally unified China with military force. In the merger process, widespread phenomenon of the beheading of Qin and Han Dynasties, agreed that Qin is advocating fraud force of the tigers of the country, Lu Zhonglian more clearly Qin is the first of our righteousness is abandoned. The phenomenon of beheading the state of Qin, the Qing Dynasty historian Liang Yusheng made certain research, the statistics of Qin recorded beheaded the number is 1 million 668 thousand, that “the history of the book is not the lack of uncountable, ancient murder, Qin also did not like the way”. Mr. Wang Yuzhe thinks the number of beheading in Qin is around 1 million 700 thousand. The statistical data of the scholars are slightly different. This article attempts to investigate the phenomenon of decapitation in Qin dynasty.
In the pre industrial age, because of the low productivity, the number of people decided the extent of a country’s expansion, and the plundering of the population was one of the aims of the war. The army is the essence of a nation’s population. It is a routine practice in ancient warfare to defeat the enemy and convert prisoners of war into armies and slaves of their own. The contrary to conventional, implementation of military glory system, beheaded as measure of military morale, mobilize the number and get rich, Qin as a highly efficient beheading machine, to speed up the process of the merger.
First, the Qin Dynasty beheaded reason investigation
In the Warring States Qin why only advocate beheaded, generally can be understood from three aspects, strong imperial consciousness, military glory system and chanly Shangyong customs.
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First of all, the monarchs of Qin Dynasty had a strong sense of the Emperor
The remote backward areas Chinese West, the main economic activities of animal husbandry is still the Western Zhou dynasty. The nomadic civilization advocated military force, so the warriors of the Qin Dynasty and horses were important strategic resources. The Shang and Zhou royal families took advantage of Qin’s strong points to consolidate their rule. In the early Qin Shun, the father is responsible for the training and shun fee. The three generation period of at least seven people with good skills and service in the Royal horse and the Royal family. As a vassal of Qin people it is difficult to participate in the core level of the nobles in Shang and Zhou Dynasty of social life, and the cultural relics of the music ceremony is full of mystery and yearning. They yearn for civilization, but realize only the external form of the civilization of rites and music. Since the Qin people mainly provided entertainment and military services for the royal family, the Qin people could not understand the status of power, and they needed the accumulation of morality and merit. The king moved, Qin Xianggong was sent by escorting the active status of princes, the retainers rise for the nobility, “and enjoy the gift of princes pass to make appointment”. Finally, we can experience the long ceremony of rites and music, and we can have equal intercourse with the nobles. The spring and Autumn period, the decline of the royal family, mainly as many princes dominate the political pursuit, Qinmu is eager. He aims to advance to the central plains. But the plan for Xiaoshan war was Jin barrier, only dominate the west. Oriental six to barbarians of the country to be hostile, prevent the situation. After the announcement of the chaos in the internal affairs of Qin state, the announcement was made. Qin Dynasty annexed the whole world and started in the period of “Gong Gong”. The son of “Qin Xiao Gong PI in Yongzhou, and the China princes, Yi Zhai Yuzhi, ashamed, efficiency (MU) method of progenitor (Xian) and father Shang Yang, 1898, national strength increases, laid the policy and institutional basis of Qin mergers and six. After the Qin Jun, are to King, Emperor Qin Hui Jun in his 14 year as king, king of Qin Ceng Yan: “I want to let the car pass three weeks, endoscopy room, dead don’t hate men, Qin zhaoxiangwang proclaimed in 288 BC for the emperor, the Emperor himself Emperor Fengshan, Taishan throughout the country, putting up a tablet.

Qin zhaoxiangwang is useless? Why not seize the king Mi months of power for 41 years

Qin zhaoxiangwang, Qin Hui Wang’s son, who went to Yan hostage. The hostage during the Qin zhaoxiangwang everywhere patience, to see the smiling face, who did not dare to offend. As long as the individual is to be your guest, hospitality, dare not neglect the slightest! No way, who called him hostage! If things go on like this, Qin Hui Wang took a cautious and forbear character, not to not to, and not others fell out for the day! After the Empress Dowager Xuan all powerful foreshadowed!
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In 307 BC, the Qin Wu King was killed when he was more energetic than others. Since the Qin Wu Wang had no sons, the kingdom will empty out. At the time of Qin Hui Wang Li Zhuang as the queen wants to son, Empress Dowager Xuan to put another son, Qin zhaoxiangwang brother, son of Fu qin. Therefore, in the hearts of Empress Dowager Xuan, Qin zhaoxiangwang is not the most beloved son, the king is not the best candidate. However, the two sides fight to fight, to compromise! Neither vertical nor vertical childe childe Zhuang, Fei, and Qin zhaoxiangwang turn.

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